Networking: The Value of Face-Time

3 Benefits to Networking at Events

When I think about the benefits of attending events like the Tech Belt Technology Summit, one of the biggest gains that comes to mind is networking. Now that may sound generic, but as a sales professional I find that there are three key sales advantages to networking at an event like this one that reduce the time and effort it takes to close a sale.

1. Cold calls can freeze a prospect

face-to-faceI can’t overstate the advantages of face-to-face marketing. While cold calls and cold emails can go ignored, face-to-face marketing enables us to truly communicate and understand the customer or prospect.

Unreturned and exhausted cold calling leaves one discouraged, but being able to really engage in a face-to-face conversation with a prospect allows them to match a face to a voice or an email. More importantly, this also gives the salesperson the ability to clarify their sales message.

And let’s face facts; sometimes too much cold calling can create resentment with a prospect. To avoid this, face-to-face interaction is critical, because your prospects will have a chance to interact with your current, happy customers. They will also see the unique partnerships you’ve developed with your clients. This will help to build confidence and trust between the sales rep and potential customers, while solidifying the relationship you have with current clients.

2. Hear it from the IT horse’s mouth

classSecond, I find attending these types of events to be helpful because it is important to see what IT concerns certain businesses and IT professionals have. During the Tech Summit, I’m always engaging attendees to find out what’s interesting or important to them. What speakers did they go see and what was the topic about?

Rather than trying to target a prospect with a general concern like Security or Back-Ups, events like the Tech Summit give me the ability to see what different businesses are truly concerned about and where they are going spend their money.

After all, the goal is to end in a sale, and by learning what unique concerns people may have gives us the ability to approach each sale with a specific, personal focus.

3. Always be learning

Lastly, as a young sales professional, I found it extremely beneficial to be able to network with my seniors and those who have been in IT sales for quite some time. I am always eager to learn from those who have years of experience, so being able to collaborate with those professionals was very exciting and valuable to me.


Katie Spatara

Account Executive at DRS LLC