Interview with Vala Afshar

At this year’s Tech Belt Technology Summit, we had a chance to speak with Vala Afshar of Extreme Networks. Afshar was the event’s keynote speaker, and he offered some insight into the changing role of the Chief Information Officer as technology in business continues to evolve.

Backup Management – Five Tips for Success

Five Reasons Why Managing Your Backups Isn’t as Easy as You Thought Just select the folders you want to back up and pay the bill. You’ll never need to restore unless the building burns down. Wrong and more wrong! If anybody tries selling you on a ‘quick and easy’ backup service with the above hogwash, they […]

Service Desk Solutions: Building Customer Trust

3-Step Plan for Building Customer Trust If there is one constant throughout all of business, it’s the importance of customer trust. Trust defines your reputation, and reputation can make a startup thrive while breaking an established company to pieces. A company can have all the experience and skill in the world, but if they have […]

TechTalk: John Englhardt – Founder/President, E Technologies

At last year’s Tech Belt Technology Summit, we got the chance to speak with John Englhardt, founder and president of E Technologies. In this video, John talks efficiency and reliability for business through IT efforts. Click the link below to watch the video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos and for the […]

Service Desk Solutions: The Angry Customer

The Service Desk: Remembering why we are here w hen someone calls the Service Desk, it is typically not to wish you a good day or to see how your weekend was. It is a call out of frustration that something isn’t working as expected…and we’ve all been there ourselves once or twice. Whether it […]

A GRID Behind Your Cloud

“Virtual infrastructure is only a piece of the Cloud puzzle…” M ost people have seen the frequent use of (and sometimes overused) IT buzzword “The Cloud”. Many companies have either gone through, or plan to go through an initiative to reduce capital costs and invest in the operational side of the business by migrating most […]