Tech Summit Quarterly – Q1 2015

Click here to read our newsletter Tech Summit Quarterly   It’s the Tech Belt Technology Summit’s first newsletter of the new year! This issue of the “Tech Summit Quarterly” features Tech Belt Talking Points with Julie Michael Smith, Executive Director of Advanced Methods in Innovation, and Executive Vice President of Applied Systems & Technology Transfer, […]

Service Desk Solutions: Building Customer Trust

3-Step Plan for Building Customer Trust If there is one constant throughout all of business, it’s the importance of customer trust. Trust defines your reputation, and reputation can make a startup thrive while breaking an established company to pieces. A company can have all the experience and skill in the world, but if they have […]

TechTalk: John Englhardt – Founder/President, E Technologies

At last year’s Tech Belt Technology Summit, we got the chance to speak with John Englhardt, founder and president of E Technologies. In this video, John talks efficiency and reliability for business through IT efforts. Click the link below to watch the video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos and for the […]